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Blue Crane Global is an East African based boutique external relations and regulatory management agency.

Blue Crane Global blends a unique set of competences, capabilities and experience to help individual, corporate, non-profits and state clients understand and navigate Africa’s regulatory and stakeholder management terrain with sensitivity and effectively.

From our base in Nairobi, our network spans most countries of Eastern, Southern and West African. We work with clients to identify opportunities, highlight and mitigate risks, map out stakeholders and devise and execute effective communication strategies that emphasise brevity and clarity.

The partners bring together a combined average of more than 15 years working experience in each of the fields of specialization. These fields include:
Strategic Communications
Public Affairs Management
Government Relations

Working Experience
Fields of specialisation
Consultancy work done each month
Our Network across Africa


Environmental Scoping

Blue Crane’s cross-functional team of media analysists, policy experts and political observers in many African countries provide deep, timely and synthesized analysis of political dynamics at state, regional and even ...

Issue Management

Our experience has shown time and again that clients already doing business or planning to invest in the region and Africa must anticipate and plan to grapple with challenges and ...

Influencing Policy

Blue Crane Global understands perfectly that the investments climate in Africa is a melting pot of diverse interest that touch on citizen’s health, food, agriculture, the environment, technology, education, etc. ...

Communications Management

The success or failure of any strategy, business undertaking, policy initiative, etc. depends almost wholly on eventual buy-in and support from the full range of stakeholders that will be affected ...

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