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Our Services

Environmental Scoping

Blue Crane’s cross-functional team of media analysists, policy experts and political observers in many African countries provide deep, timely and synthesized analysis of political dynamics at state, regional and even continental levels. Such insights and intelligence provides context to decisions that our clients need to make on investments, predict outcomes of planned policies and inform contemplated interventions to influence any outcomes and align them to client objectives. Blue Crane has the capacity to directly undertake such campaigns.

Influencing Policy

Blue Crane Global understands perfectly that the investments climate in Africa is a melting pot of diverse interest that touch on citizen’s health, food, agriculture, the environment, technology, education, etc. There are geo-political interests too in which global commerce and industry link up with defined global interests to further complicate the investing climate when these interests conflict with local commercial and political priorities. Blue Crane’s understanding helps us advise our clients on how best to navigate and engage these often conflicting interests for optimal outcomes. Our strategy and approach is based on the philosophy of constructive engagement for positive outcomes all round.

Issue Management

Our experience has shown time and again that clients already doing business or planning to invest in the region and Africa must anticipate and plan to grapple with challenges and obstacles presented by existing or evolving regulations, policy and law-makers, civil society and learn how to work better with communities in complex environments. Within these challenges are opportunities to be harnessed. But there also are potentially great costs if the right insights are not applied to guide appropriate interventions. Blue Crane has built an extensive network that it activates to ensure that clients anticipate all the potential bottlenecks and build the necessary responses. This provides our clients with the confidence that any issues they have to contend with is expeditiously managed and opportunities are leveraged.

Communications Management

The success or failure of any strategy, business undertaking, policy initiative, etc. depends almost wholly on eventual buy-in and support from the full range of stakeholders that will be affected directly or indirectly. And we at Blue Crane fully appreciate that stakeholder buy-in is a function of managing communications – from understanding the stakeholder interest, crafting the messages, choosing the communication platforms to delivering the communication. We have superior competence and capacity to guide this process. Our newsroom networks in the region give us an unrivalled advantage in managing media and media related events. We understand fully the opportunities and leverage digital media provides and are fully equipped to deliver communications campaigns across a number of executions, including blogs, social media platforms, user-generated content, aggregation sites, online communities, and web site development and management.